Apr. 25th, 2010

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Dear Internet,

Like many American rug rats, I lost an entire summer to Cable television.

Before then, I spent my summers doing classic "old fashioned" things with my summer vacation. Examples include running through the sprinklers, playing street hockey, riding my bike, and causing general mischief. My entire childhood consisted of scraped knees, bruised elbows, and stitches. I loved it. At age 24, I sometimes feel that I owe my parents an apology for ever being a kid.

Then I hear about what monstrosities they inflicted on my grandparents, and suddenly I don't feel so bad. My mother and her siblings grew up in Mexico, and apparently American Childhoods are mild in comparison. Their childhood stories revolve around getting bitten by dogs and throwing each other into walls. Silly kids.

Things progressed as usual until, one day, my family purchased cable television. BAM! I lost an entire summer vacation sitting placidly in front of a television. I had the entire programming schedule memorized. Kids would knock on my door and ask me to play hockey, and I would politely decline because "Legends of the Hidden Temple" was about to come on.


Cable Television Ate My Childhood!!

Thankfully, I managed to escape its jagged grasp and rejoin society. Nowadays, I don't even have cable. It's expensive, and most of the programming is cheaper to watch online or to buy the DVD. I will never get that summer back.

In honor of lost summers, I have decided to share some entertainment with you wonderful internet people. For everyone who has ever lost a summer to Alf, Little House on the Prairie, or Dinosaurs. Compliments of Bob, I present to you, the 7 most Soul Crushing Season Finales on Television.

Here's a sneak peak; the ending to my personal favorite childhood fossilized sitcom: Dinosaurs

I think I actually watched this Season Finale, and blocked it out of my memory. My stubborn little boy brain refused to believe that my favorite show had ended with the Extinction of all of its stars.



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